Lumberjack Gin

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This gin is handmade, bottled and labeled in small batches by Jeremy Heitz, in Basel at the City Distillery.

This spirit is inspired by the forests and all that they give to us, including the wonderful botanicals in your glass.

Originally Old Tom style gins were gins that had added sweetness in order to mask the low quality of the actual spirit. While Lumberjack Gin is an Old Tom style, the Canadian Maple Syrup added to the spirit is added to enhance the high-quality gin flavors already present. The slight sweetness of the maple, along with botanicals of pine needles, juniper, citrus, and spruce, give this gin a warming holiday flavor profile.

This gin excels on its own, with tonic, or in our seasonal cocktail. This gin speaks for itself, so to properly enjoy it with the Swiss Mountain Tonic included in your Ginky box, we suggest a lemon zest as a garnish or none at all.

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Lumberjack Gin – 500 mls