Gents Flauder tonic water

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With Flauder, Gabriela Manser, CEO of Goba Mineralquelle und Manufaktur, launched a nationwide hit in 2002. And this long before the big elderberry boom. From 2010 Goba felt the demand for a regional tonic water – now the wish has been fulfilled in cooperation with Zürcher Gents GmbH: Flauder Gents combines the alpine charm of Flauder with the passion for good long drinks of the tonic experts founded in 2012.
The recipe includes a pure elderflower extract from Thurgau and the alpine herb extract, which Goba produces for various of its products. The combination of the gentian tonic with the two extracts creates a balance of tart herbal notes with the summery taste of elderflower.
We look forward to the ideas of connoisseurs!


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